MAAJEE Guinea Pig, Hamster & Rabbit Feed Supplement | Improve Health, Shiny Skin & Coat – 908GM


  • Maajee Guinea Pig Rabbit and Hamsters nutrition have all necessary vitamins & minerals are added
  • No more harsh chemicals and antibiotics for your guinea pig and rabbit
  • deal food for Rabbit, Hamster, Guinea Pigs, Mice and other small animals
  • supports dental health through natural chewing activity and keep your guinea pig active.Balanced food for everyday feeding.
  • perfect balance of other naturIt contains all the essential vitamins and minerals for supporting overall health and well being of your pet.
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MAAJEE Guinea Pig Rabit and Hamsters Nutrition feed Supplement Minerals mixture Improves Health.
which benefits all kind of rabbit by contributing the long live, growth, Energy & Strength. Ideal for building muscles and tissues. Maajee Weight gainer Helps in increase weight.
Natural ingredients get your rabbit more natural nutrients.
It facilitates healthy digestion and maximum absorption of nutrition. Pets maintain ideal body weight. Essential vitamins and minerals boost overall immunity.
Healthy fiber content assures your pet digests food easily and helps in maintaining good body weight.
It also assists natural dental abrasion and prevents the teeth of the rodents from growing too big.


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