MAAJEE Animal Nutrition & Feed Supplement Minerals Mixture | for Live Stock Improvement in Milk Yield, Milk Fat & SNF Content (for All Animals) | Weight Gainer 908gm

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  • STRENGTHEN YOUR PET’S IMMUNE SYSTEM: If your pets are struggling with weak immune system and invading parasites, this feed supplement mineral mixture is here for them. Promote a strong immune system, make them feel strong and livelier than ever
  • FOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES: This Minerals powder is ideal for pets of all types and ages. Perfect for both large and small dog breeds. A must have for all pet owners, dog clinics, veterinarians, animal shelters, and your home! This aged
  • ALLEVIATE PAINS & ELIMINATE TOXINS: Combining pure Trace Minerals and Minerals powder is safe for everyday use. Eliminate internal parasites, fluids, gases, allergens, toxins, and heavy metals. Detoxify your pet’s digestive tract and alleviate arthritis pains.
  • HARSH WITH BACTERIA, SOFT WITH INTESTINAL TRACT: The high absorption rate and unique soothing nature will fight parasites and attract impurities without annoying your pet. No more harsh chemicals and antibiotics for your four-legged friends.
  • HASSLE-FREE USE: The easiest and most effective way to use this Minerals Mixture powder is to include it with food. Just sprinkle some of the Trace Minerals powder on their food and let them enjoy. Your pet will never taste the tasteless and odourless clay, but they will feel its benefits
  • Made with 62 Trace Minerals
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6 reviews for MAAJEE Animal Nutrition & Feed Supplement Minerals Mixture | for Live Stock Improvement in Milk Yield, Milk Fat & SNF Content (for All Animals) | Weight Gainer 908gm

  1. Siddu

    Very good product, I have used to my cow i got good result

  2. Prashant A

    It helps to increase milk production, FAT and SNF%, BUY THIS!!!!!!!

  3. Nikita

    I used this to my pet performance is very good

  4. Akshay B

    Hamne ye product hamare cow ko diya tha isse dudh badha hai and Fat mai bhi farak pada hai acha hai product

  5. Affan

    It’s organic and and best for animals Every Animal Lover Must have this !
    Maaje has Vitamins and Minerals and Calcium, Phosphorous which is must required for all the animals whether it’s Pet Animals like Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Fish or Farm Animals like Cow Buffalo Sheep Goat Camel Chicken.

    It Boosts Immunity, Enhanced Digestion and Increase milk in diary animals

    It’s made with Organic Ingredients that’s it’s super specialty.

    We love this product feeding our Animals

    Thank you MAAJEE

  6. Aayushi Thanwar

    This product works, Iv’e used it for years….that said, animals are like humans, all are different & if your pet has a problem with this product, then the most likely cause is a health issue, or a food allergy, and a Vet should be consulted. Tip: This product is high protein, and mixed with wet canned food is of benefit to an aging senior pet.

    I have no idea how anyone can rate this below a 5 star. I live on a farm & feed this to all manner of infant animal’s…’s kept more barn cat’s alive that I even care to own.
    Great for the money, Go see what you’ll pay in a Pet Shop for similar products….and those small container’s won’t last an animal anymore than a week !!! BUY THIS !!!!

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